The quality of air you breath everyday significantly impacts your productivity, health, and overall lifestyle. 

Almost all indoor facilities such as office space, factory's, hotels, offshore facilities, mining operations and many more have HVAC systems that supply the air you breath.

HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning) systems are prone areas for the gathering of mold spores, fungi, bacteria, dust, process and construction debris. All of which can be causes long and short term health complications. The two main areas of a HVAC system where these can be found is the duct work and condensate drain pans.


The duct work portion of the system is subject to temperature change that can create moisture forming on the inside where the air stream is present and in turn the formation of mold spores, fungi and other contaminants can form. Within a duct work system can be many turns and components such as balancing dampers that cause the gathering of dust, debris and other potential health risk materials. 

Condensate drain pans can be collection sites for mold and bacteria to form. The stagnant water sits for long periods of time allowing the formation of these potential harmful air borne containment to enter the air steam of the HVAC system. It is very important to have these pans cleaned and disinfected during the duct cleaning process to ensure that clean healthy breathing air is accomplished.

Our certified air duct cleaning team can guide you through the process. 


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